Headache Hangover

No, not Hangover Headache—Headache Hangover. I get debilitating migraines and the day after the killer migraine has taken me down like a tornado, I have a headache left over from the headache…like my head is sore from the headache. But I digress. Bring on the caffeine.

I finished the table runner. Here are pics:

When we have dinner for four, we sit two-abreast across from each other, so the runner will fill the dead ends. I don’t have a proper table cloth. Not that I don’t like them, I do, but I never bought those pad things for the table. Besides, I like the casual look of placemats.


I made it because we needed a splash of pizzazz in the room. The chandelier-replacement quest is still on but we have found some we like.

The underside. I hadn’t planned on turning it over, but I have round rattan placemats that will look great with this side.


In other news, we have been planning a little travel. We have spent six months at home, and soon we will be heading out to see the world again. As is our M-O, we have an aggressive travel schedule ahead. To have successful journeys, there is a lot of work to be done in advance—planning, researching, booking excursions, it takes a whole lot of time. And focus.

In June we are going to Alaska, in September we go around the Iberian Peninsula from London to Barcelona, and in November-December we’ll go from Sydney to Singapore to Hong Kong. About 60 days at sea total in addition to the pre- and post-cruise fun. My son and grands come in July, and in August we’ll live at the coast in the motorhome.

Like I’ve said before, when you get to a certain age, you have to make hay before the sun shines! Or something like that. I can’t remember…

I have 60 days before the first trip so I’ve been thinking of what to make—I do need to make a couple little “gifties,” but I want/need to make some art. As soon as my brain returns I’ll search for the muse and figure it out.

Next week I’ll show you some ways to “do” an artichoke.


  1. The runner looks great--both sides! How nice is that? Unintentional reversible!

    My goodness, your travel schedule is full. I can't imagine the work that goes into planning that many trips and having company in the betweens!

  2. I just can't believe that you get those headaches. I can imagine feeling weak and in pain the next day too.

    The runner looks super. Enjoy it now because you will be traveling your back ends off pretty soon:)

  3. I think it is "make hay before the sun sets." hahahaha. Love the runner and it works well in your dining room.
    I am a placemat person as well. My reason, if no one spills you do not have to wash a whole table cloth and press it again.

    That is a huge travel schedule but you have to be a pro at it so I am sure you will work it all out.

    I will stay tuned for the Artichoke lessone. Hoorah!

  4. Your dining room looks elegant and refined; a huge difference from my work table & 2nd studio!

  5. I was just checking to see what you are up to - I missed the move. :o) I guess I now have 3/4 of a year to catch up on...

  6. Love the way your runner turned out, Rian. I prefer placemats as well. California Casual, right? Wow, you've got quite a travel schedule there. Nice places, too. When in June are you going to AK? Through Seattle?

  7. Your quilting work is outstanding! Well, the reverse side is my favorite. Runners are nice and we have one on our buffet.

    Your trip time chunks seem so long and we won't get to see you for a while. Enjoy!

    xoxo Mikie

  8. I know just what you mean by headache hangover - I've never know whether to call mine headache hangover or Immitrex hangover.

    Your table runner is beautiful!

  9. Beautiful table runner, and it looks so nice on your table. I admire your travel schedule. I know what you mean about how long it takes to plan a trip. I thought I could do it this year, but work hasn't let me.

    Someone once told me that a bag migraine is like a cramp in your brain, and your brain is literally sore afterwards. I hope your headaches are better.


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