Yep, I’m Here

We had houseguests over Presidents weekend. My sister Judy brought her teenagers, and a friend from Ohio who I have met a few times. We had lots of conversations over wine, and several good dinners. The teens actually liked the Souvlaki and Greek salad. They turned their noses up at the Spanakopita, which was fine because it meant more for us! I made a tri-tip salad the second night and they scarfed up every last bite. I think the key is to not let them have their usual amount of snacks. They are big snackers. They pretty much only eat things that come in a box or turn your fingers orange, so it was cool when they said how much they liked my food. That was how they put it—“We liked your food.”

Sorry no pictures today, my camera has been collecting dust on the shelf. But we got the new front door and I got a fab bundle of batiks for a table runner that I’m going to start soon, so I’ll have pictures next time.

I’m golfing tomorrow with a new friend. I have never met her--a mutual friend/neighbor from Cypress Ridge Women’s Golf Club where I used to play when I lived on the central coast connected us. She lives there and has a second home here in the desert. She doesn’t have anybody to golf with here because her husband doesn’t play, so we have a lot in common. It’s always nice to meet a new friend. Especially one who golfs and has about the same index.

We have more houseguests coming this week and next, friends from the central coast. Our calendar is full—nary an empty square, hardly a moment of down time. We are researching/planning excursions for our upcoming trips this summer (Alaska, Europe), and I’m working on a book of our Croatia trip when I have a few moments. Everything takes so much time. So, as much as I’ve been hoping to get into the studio, I’ve been busy doing everything but that.

It’s all good.


  1. Glad you are busy. Idle hands, you know:)

  2. You answered my questions on the dinner, maybe not A to Zed, but without the dirt.

  3. Are you sure you aren't running a B&B? You sure have a lot of company! Must the that the word is out about the good food and good weather, eh? Thanks for the spinach salad recipe! Sounds yummy. And so glad to hear you are going to Croatia. We went there with our choir and loved it. Didn't get to the Dalmatian coast though; is that where you're headed?

  4. I'd like to make arrangements for my visit and accommodations. :)

    Another trip? Let me know the exact dates, so I can book our room at the Rian B&B!

  5. Hahaha. Funny comments. No Dull moments for you guys.

  6. Can we do a lunch at my house when you get to Ak? The cousins are welcome too, of course!


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