Let’s Go Golfing

Today Janice and I played “The Nick.” It’s a very beautiful course but very challenging. Cheryl, this one’s for you.

Par 4. Even if you hit a perfect tee shot you have to lay up and then hit over the water. The green is surrounded by bunkers and moguls of dead Bermuda grass (it's a seasonal thing).

Par 5 to a blind green. Not too much trouble until you take your second shot, and then there are bunkers all along the left, and moguls all along the right. Tiny apron. But it’s beautiful, isn’t it.

Same hole as above, standing at my ball, ready to take my third shot. The pin is about 130 yards away. Must carry the deep bunker to get on the green. Unless you hit your second shot on the right side of the fairway, which I did not.


No, you don’t have to carry the water. Just fotograffin here.

Par 4. Stay out of that ugly bunker on the left and it’s not a difficult hole.

Here’s Janice addressing the ball for a 117-yard par 3. Sand and water on the left, mountain on the right, and a very narrow, very sloping green.

After Janice hit her shot (above), I took mine. My best shot of the day, and an easy birdie.

Hope you had a good time!


  1. What a gorgeous course! And I just love that Janice is in shirtsleeves. The weather looks beautiful:)

  2. Photos and notes are just great! When I am interested in golf, I just sit back in the lazy-boy and turn on the golfing channel on TV. So relaxing.


  3. Sounds like a good workout! I'm loving the blue skies!

  4. I love the follow- along pics.......not sure I could play those intimidating holes but would relish the beauty. So happy that you are getting out ....it's such a great way to boost one's ego.......play on !!

  5. Your pictures are so beautiful (as usual). I'm glad you're enjoying the beautiful weather.


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