Ah, Spring

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The sun is shining, the pool is sparkling, the flowers are flowering, and the bougainvillea is goin’ to town.

We got our front door. We like it.

Outside                        Inside

IMG_6427 (357x800)IMG_6426 (330x800)

I have a free weekend before Kay and Ron, our friends from the central coast, come for a visit. So I started making something. It’s going to be a table runner. I’m having fun with it.

IMG_6428 (800x793)

That’s all the news!


  1. Beautiful and relaxing home....love that bougainvillea. I think that door was supposed to come to my house. We have had 'discussions' about our front door since we moved in......
    Share the table runner again when it's on the table ! Great fabric.

  2. Your door makes me think of Frank Lloyd Wright! Nice! And the bougainvillea is beautiful..reminds me of San Diego. Looks like a fun project you've got there~nice fabrics, too!

  3. That door is gorgeous-perfect for that setting.

    The block is looking good. (Of course it would, those are my colors!)

  4. Oh, boy, that bougainvillea really is going to town! Looks like a great day in the neighborhood!

  5. What a great bougainvillea! Pretty door too. I see a trend with you and new doors.

  6. Love your new door and I'm so jealous of your bougainvillea.

  7. Loved hiking along with you.

    YOur new door is strikingly beautiful. Great choice.

    Love the table runner that is going in your dining room right?


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