Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I wish I could say that. Alas, my team did not win the tournament today. But we came in third (we were off by one stroke), which was pretty good. It was very exciting to play "The Nick" today (named for Jack Nicklaus, who designed the course), because just three days ago Bill Clinton, Greg Norman, and Phil Mickelson (among others) played there. It is a beautiful course but very, very challenging.

We went to the Humana Challenge Saturday and watched Clinton play. He hits a decent tee shot, but he hit it into the lake on hole #10. He dropped another ball and took a mulligan. The second shot screamed over the lake and landed a respectable distance in the middle of the fairway. We walked ahead to where he would be taking his second shot, and they (Bill Clinton, Greg Norman, their caddies and the secret service) stood around for a long time. Then they all marched back toward the lake.

Were they going to make the President hit it over again? I mean, he's the President, he can do what he wants. Plus, it's "his" tournament. We decided to go over to #17 to watch the pros play the difficult par 3. Bill would be coming through there in a couple hours, so we'd wait there, where we could sit in the gallery. When we got there we learned that they had called a weather delay for wind.

Huh? They're calling the game for wind? Oh, come on. I play in wind all the time, this is nothing! Well, it was something, because back at the grandstand, which you see in the lake above, the very lake that Bill hit his tee shot into, the wind had suddenly gusted 60 miles an hour. Whoosh! The leaderboard went into the lake. The tents blew down. The umbrellas went inside out.

So we walked home, and we could hear the announcer saying, "All persons evacuate to the driving range immediately!" We still had no idea what had happened, we were up against the mountain (top photo) so didn't feel much wind. We would watch it on TV when we got home.

Who said golf was boring!

PS: Lest you nongolfers think I whack the ball from the same tees the pros (or even the men) do, I don't. I play from the forward tees (AKA Ladies Tees although we're trying to get away from calling them that), which are a LOT less foreboding than those other tees. For us, the water doesn't even come into play on #10. Just keepin' it real. Golf is hard enough.

All photos shamelessly lifted off the internet. They did not allow cameras into the tournament.


  1. That must have been some BIG wind! Glad it was at least a diverting time. Sounds like your team did well enough. (Better than Bill?)

  2. Third place on a challenging course sounds good to me!

  3. You golf, girl!

    How exciting! I'm like a starcrazed person around celebrities (like I am ever around them!).

  4. That must have been some wind! Straight line winds like that can cause a lot of damage.

    Glad that you enjoyed your day, and third place sounds pretty impressive to me!

  5. That was a little scary. At least all listened to the advanced warnings.

  6. Sounds like an interestingly crazy day! It's been very windy here, but no famous golfers have shown up that I'm aware of anyhow....

  7. Great finish - you should be proud of yourself! That must have been some wind!


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