Starting a New Year

I don't have a lot to say about sewing because my studio is a guest house and will be for a while.

But I did play on some gorgeous golf courses last week.

First we played Heritage Palms. Nice course, in perfect condition.

Next we played SilverRock. It's a tough course. Humbling. The sand traps just about killed me. But what a drop-dead gorgeous place. The picture doesn't begin to do it justice.

On the third day we played Eagle Falls. One of my favorites. 

Here's the Greg Norman Course at PGA West ("The Norman"), where I practice. I like to play this course, too. It's tranquil. Serene. Beauty all around. Can you see why I love this game?

And here is where I am playing this Saturday with Janice. This is the Jack Nicklaus Private at PGA West. ("The Nick") Another drop-dead stunner beauty.

Lastly, here is Indian Springs, my "home" course (not the one I live on but the one where my handicap is kept). It's a friendly course and the women I play with are all very nice. I'm the secretary for my club.

I hope you enjoyed the show.


  1. Beautiful...the desert in winter. I always like seeing the snow covered peaks from the desert floor. The colors are stunning in these photos, and I can just about feel the air...lovely =)

  2. I don't golf, but if I could play on some of these courses, I'd be inspired to learn! Gorgeous!

  3. Those are some gorgeous shots and very CA looking to me.

    Hope all is well down there:)

  4. I can certainly see why you choose to live and play there. Stunningly beautiful.

  5. Beautiful courses. I could start golfing!

  6. Golf never did it for me, but I've never played on anything as gorgeous as any of those courses! No wonder you love it.

  7. I love golf and am just a little envious. You have some great courses. We have some nice courses here in Michigan. Unfortunately they are currently unplayable :(


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