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My o my, we’ve been busy. Doing things like swimming, bike riding, and roller skating. I wish I could have had a cool bike like this when I was a kid.


We’re doing touristy things. We took the Palm Springs Aerial Tram up Mt. San Jacinto.


It’s 8,000 feet above the desert floor and there is snow on the ground.



Chris (my son-in-law, on the right) loves to cook so he has been doing a lot of it. I’m very content to sit there with a glass of wine and watch him. Yesterday he and I went golfing and he beat me. Now he wants to squeeze in one more round before they leave and he is thinking about how he could shave a few more strokes off his score. He has been bitten by the golf bug. I know the feeling. It would never have happened if I didn’t lift my head on every fricken fairway shot.

JJ and I are babysitting tonight while Chris and Michelle go out to some of the happening nightclubs in Palm Springs sans child. They leave on Saturday at the crack of dawn. But wait—we’re not done yet—Saturday afternoon the Browns are checking in! It’s a revolving door around here (but we love it). The Browns don’t play golf, but they play bridge, and that’s what we’ll be doing while they’re here. The studio will have to wait.


  1. Man, I love that bike! Cute kid, too, doncha' think?

    It looks like you and the family have been having way too much fun, Rian.

    Keep your head down!

  2. Yea, a cool bike with a doll seat! Times have changed!

    You are one busy gal.

  3. Savannah is just a mini me of Michelle!!!! What little girl wouldn't love a pink and purple bike.

  4. It's never to late to be a child......go for the pink and purple !!

  5. Love seeing that blue sky, and the tram. That's the only hike I know of where you can include dinner and a drink. They do still have the restaurant up there, don't they? Your GD is a real cutie!

  6. Hi! I'm just now viewing your blot spot. I suggested the tram to Judy when she comes to visit with Kim. There was an article in the paper about it. I don't think it went over big with her. Don't rule it out for Kim.




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