Little Gifties

I have been playing a lot of golf and not doing a lot of sewing. I’m trying to lose weight, so exercise and toughing out hunger are my world these days. Golf is great exercise.

Meh. I mentioned recently on Facebook that I was in a tournament and we came in one stroke out of second place. Considering the hundred or so participants, that ain’t bad. I wish we’d have won a prize, but that’s the breaks. More importantly, we had a great time and I made a new friend. Sandra invited me to play in the Valentine’s Day Invitational, and I said yes. So I thought I’d give her a little handmade giftie when she comes to pick me up on V Day. It’s a potholder. Cute, huh.


My friend and neighbor Janice, whom I golf with a couple times a month, is having a Chinese New Year themed ladies luncheon Wednesday. I will get to meet a couple more of my neighbors (I’m always networking for potential golf partners), and just hang with the gals. So I made Janice a little giftie, a square potholder and a hot-pad thingie.


I had this fabric on hand, and, being that 2012 is the Year of The Dragon, I thought it was the bomb. One Christmas I gave everybody (including myself) the above round “trivets,” and they are very handy. You can put a pitcher of ice water or a hot casserole dish on a wood table and the heat or water won’t go through.

Everything is lined with Insul-Bright, although I think maybe aluminum foil might work just as well. The trivet has two layers of Timtex and the fabric is fused on, not quilted. The potholder is quilted.

In other news, life just clicks along. Kind of boring, actually. The weather is perfection. Cereal for breakfast, chicken for dinner. I’ve lost a few pounds, although I wish it was more. I played golf three times last week, although I wish it was more.

Thanks for stopping by. Always nice to “see” you.


  1. Nice to see you, too =-) I lve the dragon fabric I'm trying to blog more again...

  2. Geez, my typing sucks...still not used to the keyboard on my new laptop. I lOve the dragon fabric. (period) I'm trying to blog more again... (dot dot dot) hahaha!

  3. Doesn't take long to put on the pounds but it sure takes awhile to get them off!

    Great gifties (love that term!) and who couldn't use a potholder or trivet? Super idea:)

  4. What a great idea for gifts...and so personalized. I hate to buy potholders. For years, my mother made them as gifts for her daughters for Christmas. She could sew but had no patience or critical eye so they were utilitarian vs: a creative work....but they served their purpose and I have only one left. I especially liked the idea of the round one. Keep going ....I'll buy them on your Etsy site !!!!!

  5. Don't forget your two beautiful sisters when you do your next round of sewing treasures. Absolutely lovely and appropriately gifted. You are such a doll!


  6. Your gifts are really cute--Glad you are getting out to golf in this beautiful weather--I had great golf day today--finally got under that 110--a nice 105!!! Your golf buddy--Cheryl

  7. A Chinese New Year themed luncheon sounds great. I love the Chinese New Year and what a neat way to add celebration to a luncheon.

    Pot holders are always welcome. In fact, I still have some insulbrite and could use a couple of new pot holders myself.

    Golf on, Rian!


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