Thursday, November 24

Giving Thanks

I hope everyone is having (or had) a wonderful Thanksgiving. At the end of the day, family and friends are what it’s all about…any day of the year. J and I are blessed to have two successful, happy children, three lovely granddaughters, a multitude of friends, and the time and money to travel and do the things we want (like golf). And we have our health. We’re pretty creaky, the old joints don’t work as well as they used to, but we have no major ills at this point. For that I am truly grateful. Truly.

On a lighter note, I am thankful that the Thanksgiving cheesecake looks okay. I didn’t notice the direction that said to only put half the cream in the mix, the other half was to go in the topping, until I put the batter in the pan. I was afraid it would be goo so I cooked it a little longer and I think it’s okay. Then I thought I had scorched it but the brown color is because it’s got pumpkin in it—doh. Well, we’ll see when we eat it. That is gingersnap crust on the sides, not burn stuff. I know the topping and crust are good, because I did quality control...
IMG_6176 (800x533)

Another thing I am thankful for is having this bugger pieced, and that I like how it looks. I have the threads chosen, but I haven’t thought about the quilt-line design yet. I’ll be shoulder-to-the grindstone after Thanksgiving to get it quilted in time for Christmas—and it needs to be mailed.
IMG_6177 (800x533)

Family and friends are coming for the holidays (and beyond) and we are so excited about that. Once the holiday stuff is all put away I am going to take an online class for painting on fabric—I am done procrastinating! Think how much better the above piece would look with some shading on the sail and glints of light on the waves. I tried painting a sample with Jacquard paints that I had on hand but it just looked muddy.

Thanks for stopping by! Love you lots.

Wednesday, November 16

Not Dropped off Planet Earth

Just busy! Oh my!

Well, as you may know, we went to Las Vegas for our daughter Michelle’s 11/11/11 birthday blast last weekend. Boy, did we ever have fun. Michelle planned the whole schedule from soup to nuts. Here are a couple pics:

At Spago on the third and final night of partying. Jim, Me, Michelle, Cheryl, Holly, Christian, Christina, Alan, and Chris, Michelle’s husband and a great SIL.


The girls at STK in the Cosmopolitan. The guys are around here somewhere.  I’m not sure what’s up with the varying heights of us.


We golfed, we gambled, we drank tony cocktails, we dined, we went to swanky nightclubs. We gave it our all. It was so much fun. We know how to party.

Eat, drink, make merry—all that, plus traveling the world is RUINOUS to the waistline! No matter how careful you try to be. J and I have started our diet blowout. Last night I made salmon, which went on a bed of sautéed spinach, and asparagus. A squeeze of lemon from the neighbor’s tree. Delish!

I’m still working on the sailboat quilt, I will have the background finished today. No pics just now, it’s a Christmas prezzie.

Weather is glorious. The snowbirds are back and the desert is teeming with old people who don’t know how to drive. Golf season is in full swing here in the desert. Wish I was playing better.

In other news….there is no other news. I’m still standin’. It’s all good.

Tuesday, November 8

Key Lime Season

We have had another bumper crop of key limes this year—I can’t keep up with them. I have been freezing the juice in ice-cube trays and will make key lime pie when the troops come at New Year’s. Meanwhile, I experimented with some Key Lime Martinis.

IMG_6109 (800x533)

I made them like margaritas but with vodka instead of tequila. I am not happy with them. I think the trick is to use a smidgen of sweetened condensed milk instead of sugar, which you NEED to counteract the acidity of the limes. Then it might taste more like the real thing…and not be so hard on your esophagus.

I’m almost finished piecing the background of the sailboat quilt. I have kept the sky very muted because the sailboat is going to have a big spinnaker. It will be brightly colored, but I haven’t decided what colors I’m going to make it.

IMG_6110 (800x533)

The luggage has to be brought out again. I have been packing for a trip to Las Vegas, and, I am taking so much! Good grief! I need clothes for golf, clothes for hiking and for just hanging around, and clothes for dinner and disco. This trip is going to be so much fun! And I can’t wait to play golf Thursday and Friday! Woo HOO!

Thursday, November 3

What’s Goin’ On

Hey Marvin Gaye…

The weather is absolutely gorgeous. It gets a little warm (90) in the late afternoons, but it cools down (40) at night and we can sleep with blankets on. We  no longer use the AC. I can open up the doors to the studio and work in the fresh air and natural light.

I’m piecing a quilt for a prezzie for son Andrew. It’s a companion piece to this. I hit the nail on the head with that one, as he has been dreaming of sailing in the future. Maybe this one will inspire him further.

In other news, we are having the front landscaping re-done.

Our HOA, which is just our (long) street, decided all the homes needed re-vamping, and they assigned a budget of $1,000 to each home to spiff up their yard (you could spend more). We took out a couple of trees that were creating problems and we removed shrubs in favor of desert-type plants, and rocks. It’s a cleaner look. When they put in the landscaping 10+ years ago they obviously didn’t put much thought into it. And, styles have changed.

Next week we are going to Las Vegas for daughter Michelle’s 11-11-11 party. It’s not a milestone birthday, but her birthday is 11-11 and the date is the thing. There will be 12 partygoers and she has planned some pretty wonderful fun. And I will play golf with Alan and Cheryl, who are also going. Should be a major blast.

So, life clicks along. There is always plenty to do.

Tuesday, November 1

My Best Picture


She kept prowling around and making a snarly “rowf.” Our guide said she was looking for a mate. She spent most of the time in the bush, camouflaged. But she climbed out and up onto a fallen tree limb for just a moment.