Bragging Myself Up

I don’t usually brag, but I gots some cool stuff to share with you.

First, my book came! Yay! What a thrill. I created it, I edited it a zillion times, I knew every square inch inside and out. But holding it in my hand…well, words can’t describe. I was pleased in every way.


What did I learn? You have to have very clear, sharp photos. Even the ones you think are perfectly in focus, you find out they’re a hair off. Blame the guy driving the safari vehicle who didn’t understand the concept of “stop.” He would roll slowly, try to get closer, and the animal would run away. It drove us all crazy. Still, it was a fun project and I love, love, LOVE my book!


Next up, here’s the quilt I’ve been working on. I actually packaged it up and THEN I realized I forgot to take its picture, hence the fold line. Sheesh. My son is counting the years until he retires and sails around the world. That’s his dream, and the title of the quilt is “Dreaming.”

IMG_6186 copy (611x1024)

But wait, there’s more. Can you believe I WON my Eclectic Tournament? Yep! I played really good today. Everything just clicked. I got four (4!!) pars, and only a couple double bogies for a gross score of 97. That’s a fantastic score FOR ME. A lot of the ladies in my club play in the 80s and 90s, so we all get to deduct our handicap, which is the great equalizer, and I have a high handicap. I am JAZZED! This is my second tournament win, and the 4th time I’ve broken 100. It ain’t the money (obviously), it’s the glory. And the glory feels reeeeel goooood.


Just for fun, the last show ‘n tell item is fake candles. I got ‘em online at Frontgate. You can’t see it in the picture, but they flicker. They have a little “flame” that has a light on it, and it dances back and forth. And, if that isn’t enough, they turn on and off by a tiny remote. I’m easily amused.


Well, I’d best come down to Earth and get my work done. Reality—what a concept. Hope you’re all having a wonderful lead-in to Christmas!


  1. Wow, what a happy post!

    Your book looks beautiful.

    That quilt turned out gorgeous!

    Congrats on the win!

    I love the candles. Who would've thought!

  2. Congrats on the golf score, and book, Rian. The quilt looks great, too! Where online did you find the candles? DH doesn't like the scented ones, so I think he'd go for these.

  3. I am excited about all of that! I love when so much goodness always comes at one time. Glad things are going well:)

  4. The book is amazing! It just amazes me what you can do yourself and your computer these days! I have those candles too! Our good friend is a fireman and he tells me stories about candles being so dangerous that it prompted me to buy these. They are clean too!!

    Now for the quilt. Absolutely beautiful and an amazing gift for your son and his dream. Love the quilting and the feel of the breezes it projects.

  5. Well, you CAN do it all !!! And so very successfully. Your creativity really shines in the book and the gift for your son. So many fine details in both that make them unique and beautiful and worthy of endless viewing.

    And I don't want to year you complain about your golf ever again....

    Well done.!

  6. I love the book!! It is so cool that you can have things like that made. Your pics are just as good as any I've seen in "professional" books! The quilt is awesome to!

  7. Because you've taken such interesting trips, "the book" is a wonderful way to re-live memories.
    I love the quilt! The red in the sail makes the whole thing glow; your son is a lucky fellow.

    Congrats on the win, Rian! I know you are proud of your score and hope you continue to bask in the glory!

  8. Which service did you use for the book? I want to do one of our trip to Thessaloniki and Rome.

    Love reading your blog!

  9. Oh, kiddo, go ahead and boast! You are nothing short of an incredibly talented sister. Now you are a top-notch golfer, certified! Love to see your book and the older senior sister will see it when she visits one day down the road.


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