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Hey Marvin Gaye…

The weather is absolutely gorgeous. It gets a little warm (90) in the late afternoons, but it cools down (40) at night and we can sleep with blankets on. We  no longer use the AC. I can open up the doors to the studio and work in the fresh air and natural light.

I’m piecing a quilt for a prezzie for son Andrew. It’s a companion piece to this. I hit the nail on the head with that one, as he has been dreaming of sailing in the future. Maybe this one will inspire him further.

In other news, we are having the front landscaping re-done.

Our HOA, which is just our (long) street, decided all the homes needed re-vamping, and they assigned a budget of $1,000 to each home to spiff up their yard (you could spend more). We took out a couple of trees that were creating problems and we removed shrubs in favor of desert-type plants, and rocks. It’s a cleaner look. When they put in the landscaping 10+ years ago they obviously didn’t put much thought into it. And, styles have changed.

Next week we are going to Las Vegas for daughter Michelle’s 11-11-11 party. It’s not a milestone birthday, but her birthday is 11-11 and the date is the thing. There will be 12 partygoers and she has planned some pretty wonderful fun. And I will play golf with Alan and Cheryl, who are also going. Should be a major blast.

So, life clicks along. There is always plenty to do.


  1. It is good to see you working on a quilt again, and I'm sure Andrew will love and appreciate it. The colors and the sail boats are both beautiful and masculine--and an exciting dream to have.

    Have fun at the birthday party!

  2. You sure keep busy! Have fun celebrating on 11-11-11!

  3. Since you were way down at the bottom of my list I thought you were just not posting. Luckily today I clicked on you and saw you moved! Now I will be back checking up on you!

    Love the previous quilt so this new one intrigues me.

    Nice changes for your home.

  4. Well welcome home!

    Your Africa photos are all so beautiful & surreal! What a trip!

    I love the sail boat quilts.

    I can't imagine 90 degrees being comfortable!


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