On The Road Again

Off we go. Again.

Back to the southern hemisphere. So many more stars down there.

I'm not taking the laptop because wifi is spotty and this is an adventurous trip. But I'll share my travels with you when I return, around the end of the month. We'll discover a lot of new things about our wonderful planet.

This is the last big trip for a while. We decided not to go to Australia for the total eclipse in 2012 because there will be another one on August 21, 2017, conveniently cutting a path across the United States. Instead, we booked a cruise around the Iberian Peninsula next September.

Over and out for a leetle while. See you real soon.


  1. Have fun! It looks amazing =-) Iberian Peninsula cruise...September should be beautiful there...

  2. Hope you're having a great adventure! I could not figure out how come you've been so quiet...turns out you moved your blog and I missed the fact, and have missed you ALL FALL. So sorry! (I think you moved when we had the GK here in August; I finally went back to your old blog, and voila! Here you are.) Yay!


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