Namibia is hauntingly beautiful. It has wide open savannahs and sand dunes, and unusual rock formations. It’s vast. Massive. There is nothing out here. Nothing on two legs, that is.


Namibia was settled by the Germans. One might ask why in the world would they want it. The answer would be that it has a deep water seaport, but there was nothing of interest (to me) there. We saw flamingoes and salt mines. Namibia has gems and uranium, and access to fresh water. That would explain the fine homes on the coast.


But out here it is very dry, and very hot. It gets roughly one inch of rain a year. We are very much out in the middle of nowhere.


A welcome pit stop. We were 17 females and 5 males so there was always a long queue for the loo.


There are no restaurants out here. While we were climbing rocks and examining cave paintings, they set up this canopy for us and we had a delicious picnic lunch with ice-cold beer. Everyone said it was the best potato salad they had ever eaten. Happy, happy.


We (finally) reach our destination in Sossusvlei. It has been a long, hot, dusty day. This is our tent. It’s half tent, half structure. I liked this place a lot. You could hear animals outside at night, and the Milky Way lit up the night sky.


We were awakened at 4:30 AM so we could see the dunes at sunrise. The dunes are amazing. But what captivated me most was the color of the grasses against the rust color of the sand. It is striking. I was sure I had never seen that color of green before. 



We boarded 4x4 vehicles and rode (very bumpily) through the soft sand to a place where we could walk up the crest of a dune.

A family of ostriches crossed the road in front of us.


I think Namibia was my favorite.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful travelogue and for the amazing photos. Is it only me, or might there be a quilt in that photo of the dunes?

    I'm glad your trip was a success. Welcome back!

  2. That is really incredible. I can't get over that all of that space conceals lots of those resources that you mentioned. The pictures I am sure don't come close to really showing things but they sure are beautiful.

  3. I can understand how you would like Namibia. I like it too. When I first married Wes he had the potential for a contract in Namibia and I thought it would be cool to go there (not to live but to visit).

    You will need all of next year to sort through pictures for art quilts!

  4. There is definitely a quilt in that dune photo... such a wonderful dilineation between light and dark. Verra cool!


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