Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope

Cape Town is dominated by Table Mountain, which sailors could see for miles when rounding the southwestern tip of Africa.


It was started in the 1600s by the Dutch as a way-station for the Dutch East India Company. You can see the Dutch influence in some of the architecture, as well as the language, Afrikaans, although English is the official language today.


Around the time England was colonizing the world, diamonds were discovered in South Africa, and the British decided they wanted it. They invaded, and the Boer War ensued. There were not only the Dutch to contend with, but the black natives, the Zulu. That’s enough about history, but what grabbed me was that the Dutch, driven out by the British and in search of farmland, used covered wagons. Here is one panel of a massive room-size cross stitch, depicting their trek. Looks a lot like our pioneers, doesn’t it.


Here is the Cape of Good Hope, a windswept, mountainous promontory and the most southwest tip of Africa. It was initially thought that the Atlantic and Indian Oceans met here, but they don’t.


This is wild and rugged Cape Point, one of the highest coastal cliffs in the world.


And, guess what, because it’s the southern hemisphere, they have penguins.


Here is a Protea, which was discovered in South Africa. It grows wild everywhere.


Next, a little about apartheid and Nelson Mandela.


  1. Penguins! The pictures are beautiful as usual. Love the architectural shots too.

    I read a biography about Cecil Rhodes several months back. The history of South Africa during the late 19th to early 20th century is interesting but very tragic.

  2. Wow! I had no idea that Afica had penguins!

    Beautiful photos, & interesting info. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I sure hope to see that Protea in fabric soon!

    Just beautiful landscapes, eh?

  4. Yay, penguins!!!!!!

    Scenery looks absoultey breathtaking. So glad you had a good time with no mishaps. We missed you too :-)

  5. Great photos! When we went to Cape Point the weather was rainy and foggy so we missed much of the beauty, but the trip to Robbin Island and Table Mountain was perfect, just like yours looks to have been. The NY Times on line has an article today "36 Hours in Cape Town." You might find it fun to compare what they recommend.

  6. You have arrived home to beautiful golf weather! Welcome back! Your pics are just beautiful. It will be exciting to follow your journey.

  7. Beautiful photos! I love the one of Cape Point.


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