We crossed into Botswana for a game drive in the Chobe Game Reserve. We had to walk across the border. Did you ever read any of the Ladies’ No 1 Detective Agency books? This is the place.


Once we crossed into Botswana, we boarded these ten-passenger land rovers. Climbing in and out of them is a trick. Someone is using my camera to take my picture. I have the big zoom lens on today, so you can’t see the vehicle.


We saw a lot of animals today and I took hundreds of photos. Here are just a few. “Hey, Mr. Warthog!”


Kudu. It was hard to resist singing that song, “You do what you do…”  whatever.


I just love the giraffes. So majestic. It is incredible to be so close to these animals. There are no fences here, they come because there is water. (The Chobe River.)


The baboons are very cool.


Did you know it takes two years to incubate an elephant? They’re so big, you might wonder how they could possibly “do it.” I know the secret: They do it in water. Elephants are very prolific, by the way. Their numbers are increasing. It’s actually becoming a bit of a problem. They eat a lot and can denude a forest in no time.


After a long day on safari, we crossed back into Zimbabwe and returned to the Stanley & Livingstone for one last night before flying to Johannesburg for the final adventure.


  1. Amazing pictures. How big of a lens are you using or did you just get up close and personal.......?


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