Big Game Safari

While it was nice to be in a city (Jo’burg) again, everyone was pretty tired. Looking at city sights, even though it included interesting Soweto, couldn’t roust us from our torpor because we were exhausted. Every one of us fell asleep after lunch.

After going on a couple game drives in Zimbabwe and Botswana, I was questioning the sanity of staying on an extra two days to fly out (and back) to another game preserve. We had seen so much already, and this trip had been arduous. It’s definitely not for sissies. Twelve of our group, plus our guide Tony, went home and ten of us flew even further out to nowhere, feeling adrift without Tony.

We stayed in thatch-roofed huts—it was very nice. There were windows all around, each hut facing out to a wild area where elephants munched lazily nearby and warthogs walked on the deck.


Monkeys made themselves at home in the open-air restaurant.


Lordy it was hot there. I am guessing 105 degrees F, but it was dry. No humidity at all. We went on an evening game drive and saw this guy, a rare white rhino. Safaris go out at dawn and dusk, because that’s when the animals are the most active. One must wear DEET and take malaria meds out here. Can you imagine what the early settlers thought when they first laid eyes on these huge and strange-looking animals?


We were very pleasantly surprised when our driver stopped at dusk and set up a bar (and snacks) on the hood of his Range Rover. Of course they have cold bottled water for you, but vodka and tonic with lots of ice? Oh Baby, this is living!


We went on several more drives, but I’ll synopsize and just show you some of the animals I saw:





Finally, a last sunset (with cocktails in the bush) before the impossibly long trip home tomorrow. We were all glad we stayed on the extra two days and agreed it was very much worthwhile.


I’ve enjoyed making this travelogue to share with you, it has given me something to keep me occupied while I can’t sleep at night.  The end.


  1. The animals are as exquisite as I thought they might be. I may have to go to see them.

  2. Amazing photos, Rian. How close did you get to these guys? Love the giraffe photos, but that leopard shot is up there too. BTW, I saw a coyote this morning on my way to bookclub!? Which of the Detective Ladies stories is your fave?

  3. What a beautiful room--love the bed--Great photos--thanks for taking the time to share.


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