My Back Yard

Sunset. It is so beautiful here. Sure, it was 110 degrees today, but that’s what air conditioning is for.
Another look, through the pepper trees…
I don’t miss the central coast weather, but I do miss those cold nights sitting in my hot tub…
In other news, I’m still battling my cold but I am improving. I did get out to buy shoes for my trip to Africa.

Aren’t they fun? They’re kind of like a sneaker but they have a lot of gnarly tread for light hiking. No socks necessary! They’re Mephisto’s and they were 40% off! They’ll be great on the cobblestones of Europe or on the trail.
Now to find the energy to go for a walk…but I think it’s coming!

Well, that’s all that’s even remotely interesting. Hope you have a wonderful fall weekend!


  1. I have had about five pairs of those shoes ( or very similar ones). Love them! I can't wait to hear more about the Africa trip. It's such a fascinating place to visit, once you get past the flight. Where exactly are you going?

  2. Those shoes are just too cute. Zappos maybe?

    Aren't the sunsets just totally worth it? And yes, air conditioning is a must:)

  3. Love the shoes! Your backyard pics are great--the sunset through the pepper trees into the mountains, so beautiful!

  4. I'm stuck on Nike Cross Trainers--lightweight but supportive.

    Take lots of pics in Africa. One of these days you will have to develop a quilt portfolio from your travels.

  5. Love those shoes!

    It is a wonderful fall weekend here - the trees are just starting to turn, the days are fresh but the frost isn't on the pumpkin (yet)!

  6. OK, here's the deal.....If you'll come to Florida (where it's only 95 and HUMID) to teach me photography , I'll let you wear those great shoes in my house while you also cook gourmet meals and tell me travel stories. !! And I'll buy the good wine !!

  7. I love love love those shoes! They will be awesome on your trip. THey look supportive an dsturdy.


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