Fun on the Way Home

Some things about the Southern California freeways crack me up. This bridge always makes me wonder. They planted trees on this bridge. How can trees grow on a bridge! This is a relatively new freeway (I-210) so only time will tell.
Another thing I find amusing is how they disguise cell towers. Look closely and you will see that this tree is a cell tower. Look even closer and you will see that we have not cleaned our windows in a while. Sorry about the dirty window, but we need to buy a ladder so we can clean them.  It’s on our list of things we need to get around to. Some day.
Here’s one disguised as a palm tree. How clever.
The tree on the right is a phony. An interloper.
Big trucks are scary when  they pass. On some freeways the lanes are so narrow your mirrors practically touch. And their draft blows you into the next lane a little too much for comfort. While I’m on the subject, you should give motorhome drivers a wide berth—we ain’t truckers. Don’t confuse us with someone who knows what they’re doing. We have limited visibility and we’re old. Just sayin’.
And then there’s wind. We have to go through the Banning pass every time we go anywhere. Think it’s windy here? Sometimes a wind gust blows you into the next lane whether a car is there or not.
There are a gazillion of these wind turbines out here in the Banning pass. Because it’s damn windy, that’s why. 
Well, that’s all for now. We will sleep in our own bed tonight (although the moho bed is very comfy) and get back into our routine tomorrow. See ya around.


  1. That Banning Pass looks like our Altamont Pass though probably it is scarier. Roads in So Cal are just plain frightening my friend!

    Love the cell towers too. I guess from spae it doesn't matter if they look ridiculous:)

  2. Who would know--(Rian knows all). I would have never guessed-cell phone towers-I'm going to be more observant on the way home!!! We are going to check out the festivities of Danish Days today

  3. I don't like driving through there cuz of the wind...even in a car...

  4. I've never seen those cell-phone towers in disguise before. Will wonders never cease? They look like bad fake trees, which makes me wonder why they bother.

    Enjoy re-settling into your desert life. It looks like you had lots of fun.


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