Campfire Tales

We have been enjoying the central coast and seeing friends. Hey, it’s cold here! Drives home the point of why we moved away—validation. Here’s our campsite. Notice the front tires are off the ground. Yikes! Makes for a jiggly house, but the site wasn’t level and we like it level otherwise every thing rolls downhill, the microwave door hits you in the ear, stuff like that.


We went wine tasting with Mike and Marty. The four of us go way back, over 25 years, and J and Mike go back even further. We were close friends until they moved to Indiana. They have since returned to California and are living in Paso Robles. It was so good to see them. After the wine tasting we cooked steaks and sat around the fire back at the campsite. Old friends are the best.


We had dinner with Ron and Nancy, former neighbors. Ron and I both worked on the Cypress Ridge website, and the four of us used to go golfing together. We had a great time at Sea Venture in Pismo Beach, where the view made up for the lackluster food. But that’s pretty standard on the central coast. There are two grades of restaurants here: Not Good and Not Bad. After dinner we want back to our campsite and built a nice, warm fire. And got toasted.


See you ‘round the campfire!


  1. You have an enviable social life!

    Does the RV have some kind of leveling mechanism? that's kinda neat.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun, Rian... here's to getting toasted in any way shape or form. ;0)

  3. Looks like alot of fun, the kind of fun we would enjoy! Vegas was fun but no big wins, the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert was fantastic. Off Tuesday for Barcelona for a few days and our cruise. Party! We have to get together for lunch after we all get home and stop traveling!

  4. Looks like a great time as always! Love that you got toasted and the decsription of the restaurant fare. Where did you go wine tasting by the way?

  5. Looks like life on the Central Coast agrees with you guys--Fun times, Good Friends--Save some for us--See you soon
    Alan and Cheryl


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