Best Laid Plans

I had grandiose ideas of what I would accomplish in the three weeks at home before we leave for Africa. The list was long. I would walk or work out on the elliptical every day and lose the ten pounds I put on over the summer, I would go shopping for a few needed items of clothing and new walking shoes—and break them in—before the trip, I would spend some time in the studio, I would clean out and winterize the motorhome, I would shampoo the carpets in the bedroom, I would…
IMG_4935 (800x525)
Alas, none of that happened. Instead, I had jury duty, a summer cold stopped me in my tracks (tissues not pictured), and I rationalized that the carpets could wait until our return. I was too foggy-headed to think about making art and I could order safari clothes from a catalog. I still have to get the shoes, but I indulged my need to rest above all else.
I actually watched ten minutes of a soap opera. I never got those. Now that social mores are so much more relaxed and accepted, what in the world can they do to be shocking today.

Looking on the bright side, the timing couldn’t be better. I didn’t get sick until I got home and I will be better before we leave. Everything else can wait. Except the shoes.


  1. I hope that you feel better soon. I haven't watched soaps in years. I think I gave them up when a character on Ryan's Hope was kidnapped by a gorilla.
    Have fun on your trip!

  2. You knew it was bound to happen! Dang, feel better.

  3. (Let me try that again.....the link to my names goes somewhere totally unrelated....)
    I really think we were separated at birth. Why else would we both get sick after our RV trips....only I prefer the downer of codeine to RED BULL. Hope you are feeling much better....and remember to tell me about your Africa trip.....something that is top on our list is the Great Migration...are you doing that? Will you take me along and teach me about good wine and food?? Or do you have to shoot your own?

  4. Yak1 A summer cold! Better now though than later and let me say tha the laundry, etc. will wait...

    I have been watching the same soap opera off and on for about 25 years. If I hadn't started so long ago I probably wouldn't start today. I confess that I feel like I have grown older with these people...:)

  5. Boo to runny noses, tired eyes, and fatigue! Hope you recover quickly, Rian!


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