Beautiful Day

By the time I awoke, the sun was already breaking through the fog in Pismo Beach and it promised to be a warm, sunny day and I had a date to go golfing with Carolyn. Oh happy day.

This is my pitch shot from 80 yards out on the impossibly long par 5 ninth hole at Blacklake. J always challenges me to get bogey (+1) on this hole. I one-putted for a six. It can be done!


I ran into another old friend at the turn. Del and I played many rounds of golf together over the years. What a nice surprise. But this is a small town and we have been running into people we know everywhere we go—to the point where it has gotten to be a little scary. Terrible picture—we’re all “golfy.”

IMG_4892a (800x533)

I never want to forget how beautiful these eucalyptus trees are with their twisty trunks and shredding bark.They’re hell on a golf course, though. Right Cheryl?


Later we went to dinner with Carolyn and Tom.

IMG_4894 (800x533)

The view from the window. The fog is rolling in and after I snapped this photo it obliterated the sun for the day.

IMG_4895 (800x533) 

The night before, we had dinner at Bob & Judith’s. Judith just returned from Italy and made us the most delicious antipasto and fettuccini Bolognese. She is a brilliant cook, and, if that wasn’t enough, she won’t let you help with the dishes.


It’s not easy to party this much for three full weeks in a row. But we are doing our best.


  1. Tough job but somebody has gotta do it! So glad you are enjoying yourself. Have some fun for me too OK?

  2. All that socializing would wear me out! Glad you are so much younger & more spry!

  3. You are having TOO MUCH FUN......I can see your smile from here. S


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