Ventura, California

We are parked for the night on the north side of Ventura. Can you see the traffic whizzing by on Highway 101? It’s deafening, even inside with all the windows closed.


Because we’d be navigating the freeways of Los Angeles we decided we’d break the drive up into two days. We could do it in one, but it would have been too much stress. Fortunately we know the LA freeways like the back of our hand and we understand the traffic patterns—I can’t imagine how people navigate those roads if they don’t have experience. Driving them in an RV was pretty white-knuckle in some spots! Especially the Camarillo Grade between Thousand Oaks and Oxnard. 7%. 


Here we are, in space 52. Rover is second from left, with the black front. This is what camping in an RV lot is like. It’s okay for one night. Yes, it’s gray—it’s early morning—you’re seeing the marine layer that rolls in every evening. As the sun gets higher in the sky the marine layer will burn off and it will warm up (warm being a relative term) and be sunny.

We brought a frozen lasagna and garlic bread from home and watched the news streaming on the laptop (no cable TV) while we ate dinner—inside, because we’re freezing. Then we played some games and curled up for the night, under blankets. It’s cold here! Cold and damp. It’s in the 50s, and we’re used to waking up in temps almost twice that. I am very glad I brought several “sweats” outfits and my fuzzy slippers, which I don’t think I’ve worn once since we moved to the desert. It amazes me how different the climate is, only 225 miles away.

People are walking around outside in shorts and t-shirts. I’m wearing a hoodie jacket inside. I guess my blood has thinned out.


We are parked just west of Oxnard. Big Ventura doesn’t show on the map, but tiny El Rio does, which I’ve never even heard of. Today we’ll finish the drive up the 101, to our final destination in Pismo Beach, just south of San Luis Obispo—me old’ stompin grounds.


  1. That grade is one of my least favorite stretches of the 101. I can't imagine it in an RV. I also hate the Grapevine and the Cajon Pass...both of which I drove recently =-/ How in the world is Ventura not on the map?? I love the northbound curve out of Ventura when the ocean comes into view most welcomed spot in the drive to SLO, except of course when I arrived at DS's house =-) Enjoy the fog, I'd love to have some!

  2. Sounds like you need a multi-weather wardrobe in the RV closet.

  3. Always a shock to the sytem to go from inland to the coast. I have frozen my rear end off on a number of occasions. Nevertheless, you are out and about! Have a good time. Don't forget that you and Jim are always welcome here should you come up in my direction:)

  4. You guys are more adventurous than Alan and I--hope you enjoy your trip up the coast--keep us posted


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