Hola, Tamale Guy

We're in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, about 20 minutes south of the US border.
This is the Tamale Man. He has a loudspeaker on his car and comes around every afternoon to peddle his tamales out of the trunk of his car--made fresh, every day. He sees me with the camera and waves. JJ buys me a tamale for one dollar. It was excellent.

This is Susan, our host. she went to Croatia with us. We're trying to talk her into going to Europe with us next summer. 

A squadron of California Brown Pelicans glide by. 

The house looks out on the Pacific. Those are the Coronado Islands in the distance.  

Now we are back in our little motorhome. Monday begins our fourth and final week in San Diego County. It's been a gas!


  1. Hope you had some lobster while you were in Rosarito! We are home but off again at the end of the month for a few days in Las Vegas. Sept. 7th we fly out of San Diego to JFK and on to Barcelona..Tahoe was wonderful and tons of fun!

  2. Home made tamales on demand! Yum:):)


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