Cruisin’ Grand

Every Friday night in Escondido, a bunch—like hundreds—of people bring their classic cars and show them off or just cruise up and down Grand Avenue.


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE classic cars. They’re so sleek and sexy.


Talk about street art. Very California.


The purple one is an “axle dragger.” I think it’s a Buick, but it has been chopped down so its running board is practically touching the ground. This one comes with a babe who has a tree growing out of her head.


Everyone loves the Corvette. What a great car. We used to have a Vette—a little newer than this, but it was black.


All kinds of people and vehicles cruise Grand. Check out the dog. His name is Pepe. I know this because it is written on his tiny helmet.


This Plymouth has Power Glide buttons instead of a gearshift. Does this take you back? Did you fiddle with the radio buttons on a car like this? I did.  But then I’m old.



  1. We have the classic cars shows regularly in TV but can't compare with Calif creations. My dad restored the classic Mustangs from the late 60's just for fun. We had a red one for a few years but aside from the local parade, it just sat so we sold it to the happiest teen in the world....he was driving on air as he left. I grew up with Buicks and remember putting rocks and dirt in the holes along the dad didn't appreciate that at all !!

  2. Loved the running commentary on this post, particularly the babe/tree comment:)

    This sounds like something that they do in Livermore or Pleasanton here in the Bay Area (where I used to be). Always a lot of fun to look at the cars.

    PS-Love that you are out and about just sort of taking in life as it comes along.

  3. I remember my Dad had a Chrysler that had buttons to push for the different gears. He had polio as a child and had limited movement in his right arm, so it was perfect for him. Yes, those pictures took me back cause I'm old too....

  4. We used to be into the classic cars thing, parades, clubs and all that. Had everything from model A's to early 60's Thunderbird.

    After a while just got tired of the cars, and my dh went into classic motorcycles, I don't ride or care for bikes.

  5. Oh, YUM! I'll take the Caddy in the very top picture, please. ;0)


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