The Beautiful California Central Coast

This is my favorite stretch of Hwy 101—near Santa Ynez and Buellton. It personifies the golden, rolling hills of California, studded with Coastal Oaks. Am I sorry I left and moved to the desert? No.

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Of course the first thing we did was have a beach party with our dear friends Ron and Kay. Jim is digging a hole where we will build a campfire. Because it’s cold here.


You’d never know it’s August—the beach is nearly deserted. Debby Mc, this one’s for you. The snowy plover is alive and well.


The fog is gathering and bringing even colder air with it.


But we have the fire to keep us warm. Ahhhh, a campfire—nothing better. NOW we’re camping! It turned out to be a beautiful evening.


Of course you KNOW I’d play golf with my good friend Carolyn! I hit some great shots, and I hit some stinkers. WHY did I leave my windbreaker home…


It’s so nice to see old friends, and golf is so much fun. Life is good. I think we need to spend every summer here.


  1. Haven't been up the coast for a while--Gotta play golf--hope we can work something out--It's been hot here--but shot a 108--at Santa Anita--not too bad--miss you guys--Dinner and Golf-- What more could you ask?
    Alan and Cheryl

  2. You need that windbreaker! I can practically feel the bone chilling effects of that fog!

    Such a beautiful area too. Isn't Solvang around there somewhere? I seem to recall Beullton on the way down to that place.

  3. So beautiful there....and wasn't it fun to put on the sweaters and cozy clothes again. ? Yes, we're learning that escaping from the heat might just be a good summer plan every year.


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