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Weekly Update

Physical therapy is a painful process. That is all I have to say on the matter.

If I put my chair down real low I am at the right height to work without straining my neck. It was a little awkward with my chin on my ironing board but it was better than not being able to work at all. Not that I actually put my chin on the ironing board, but you get the picture. And, it worked. I was able to finish the leaf.

Working slowly and taking frequent breaks, I sewed the leaf to its background. My chair is low here, too. I used to put it up high for quilting so I could see behind the needle, but that's what got me into trouble, and low is.... let's just say I am getting used to it.

I will add a stem and veins eventually.

I am auditioning fabrics for the border. Using many fabrics is my signature style, but I am thinking maybe it is too distracting in this case. Maybe simpler is better. I am living with it for a few days before I decide. I usually only buy small amounts of a fabric which m…

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