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Amen Corner Progress Report

I'm making progress. Really all that's left is the water and a little bridge down the river. The other elements, like trees, will be fused on when the picture is finished.

We've been sick around here, typical cold, 7-10 days, cough, blow. Feeling fine now. Played golf Wednesday, shot 100. Sally, my playing partner, shot 98. We had fun out there. It was cloudy and cool, which makes golf better. I got a birdie!

This is my tee shot (par 3). We all held our breath as the ball rolled toward the hole, but it stopped 6" away from the flagstick. You can see the greens are in sorry shape, they have had some issues with the greens on this course so they discount us $10 every week, and we girls have declared a two-putt limit on the really chewed up ones. 

This weekend we are babysitting Savannah, her parents are going to San Diego for their anniversary. This means I have to change up my studio to a guest room, so the project will be shelved for a few days. That's really all the…

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