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2017 Holiday Kickoff--Let the Stuffing Begin

We went to a "Friendsgiving" party last night. Of course all the usual neighborhood gang was there, and it is always fun to see everybody and catch up on each other's travels, health issues, and all that. I had no idea what Friendsgiving was all about but, in a nutshell, it was just a party. They had it catered and they served the most unusual main dish: Turkey Wellington.

It is turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes all done up together in puff pastry and smothered with gravy. It was excellent, and a great way to serve a crowd (28) easily. Everyone was requested to bring either a dessert or appetizer.

I took cheese thingies. They were a hit, everyone went gaga over them and wanted the recipe. It is so easy, and very elegant. Takes 15 minutes tops. Only three ingredients, phyllo shells (from amazon), brie, and some kind of jam. This time I used maple/bacon/onion jam, but I have used fig in the past, and I think chutney would be good. You don't have to use Sriracha, bu…

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