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When I fired up Blogger today, it offered me to change how my blog looks, so I took them up on it.

We've been busy, having fun being retired.

This is a photo from our Del Webb Spring Brunch last weekend. The good folks at the Rancho Mission Viejo Company gave us this building, complete with tables and chairs, restrooms and a kitchen. It was originally the welcome center. But now they've moved on and they left this for us. It's a great party room. The pink table in the center of the room is full of bread things like muffins and sweet rolls that I can't eat, and nobody else wants them either. 
Cheryl and Alan came down from Los Angeles to play golf. We played Tijeras Creek. The weather was glorious.
Cheryl and I take a selfie while waiting to tee off at #10. My fairway wood wouldn't cooperate and Cheryl beat me by 8 strokes. She was hitting the ball really well.

We played with Alan, Cheryl's husband, and Bud, my neighbor. It was a great day. 
Alan and Cheryl left…

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