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Life is Short

We said goodbye to another neighbor-friend yesterday. It's bound to happen when you live in a community of mostly 70-somethings. It was sudden, unexpected. That's the hardest part. He was a nice man, but honestly I didn't know him all that well. I play golf with his wife.

While looking for a stock photo for the story I saw these gorgeous white flowers and I had to put them in here.

Oh, did I mention that we went to the funeral on Tuesday only to learn it was on Thursday? I plugged it into my phone on the wrong day. It made for a good laugh. Good thing there was no funeral that day...can you imagine?

In other news, I played golf Monday. At Talega, which is one very tough course. Golf pictures never come out as purty as real life unless they're stolen from the golf club's website. I like this course but I don't think they keep it up very well. There is no water on the course, and no cart girl. Usually there are coolers around so you can fill up your bottle, or t…

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