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I finally finished the four panels. I have procured the rod to hang it, and all I need to do is attach the top facing which will include the hanging sleeve(s). I chose a small-diameter cafe rod over a heavier drapery rod because the finials made it stick out 2+ inches from the wall. I didn't want that and I didn't want the rod and finials to overshadow the quilt, so I just got a skinny little thing. Perfect.

The girls and I at The Ranch Golf Course last week.

We went to a lovely dinner party at a swanky steakhouse last night. The guy standing up recently recovered from cancer and the dinner was to thank those of us who drove him to his treatments because his wife has macular degeneration and does not drive. 
We're a lot like family. Better, really--lots of love and no drama. We're all between the ages of 65 and 75 and we really appreciate what we have.

Some of the guys cutting up. It's always the same--the guys hang together and the gals hang together.

JJ does the …

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