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Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

This sign was recently posted on the restroom doors (both men's and women's) at one of the golf courses where I play. You should know that we ladies (we are still called ladies in the golf world) use the men's rooms on the golf courses all the time, and have for years. Most public golf course bathrooms are "one-holers," and when you are on the course you can't dillydally around, you must keep up with the group in front of you or the ranger, or marshal, will bark at you. So it doesn't make sense to queue up to use the women's room when the men's room is empty and there are no men in sight. So the fact that this sign is even there caused me to wonder.
Anyway, I shot 103 yesterday, and got a birdie on a par-3. Happy, happy.
I did a little cooking today. Actually, I did a lot. We don't go out to eat very often, maybe once a month, if that. It saves us a lot of money in the long run. We average about $35 a day for two meals including liquor, and i…

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